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Entrepreneur's M&A Journal is a podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors gain a competitive advantage when making decisions about buying, selling or launching a business.

Hosted by Jim Cumbee, each podcast is an interview with a successful been there/done that business owner or professional advisor. Through their real-life stories, you will be inspired, empowered, and maybe even a bit smarter.

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 40—Interview With Smita Singh

Summary: Smita Singh takes Jim through her very interesting story of corporate life to serial entrepreneur.  In this engaging “American Dream” episode gain some true insight on how to sell your business and start a new one with some very good and never heard before tips from Smita.  Main Questions Asked: How long were you in the corporate world before you made the entrepreneurial leap? What kind of business Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 39—Interview With Noah Fleming

Summary: Noah and Jim walk through the preparation and launch of Noah’s home-brewing business, which went from concept to launch in 30 days. Noah shares his philosophy of business building and marketing with Jim in this interesting and engaging interview. Main Questions Asked: ➢ Did you manufacture that launch, or did the idea just resonate with the Public? ➢ Were you thinking about an exit? ➢ How did you find a Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 38—Interview With Ryan Moran

Summary:  Ryan and Jim discuss Ryan’s very interesting M&A journey.  Ryan started with internet businesses at 18 years old.  He then went on to starting and selling products companies that are mostly based on the internet. Main Questions Asked: How did you pick what you sold? Do you support your decision with data? Where did you find your products to sell? Did you view this as a business that Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 37—Interview With Al Esquivel

Summary: This is a unique talk between Jim and Al.  Normally Jim speaks about his guest’s successes, in this interview, Al talks honestly and openly about his franchises and the mistakes he made that ultimately lead to his selling the business before he was ready. Main Questions Asked: So you retired and then decided to go into business? Tell us about what you did? How long did it take to get all Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 36—Interview With Ray Hayles

Summary:  Ray talks about buying his family business from his dad and how they structured their partnership agreement for good growth and possible exits.  They also talk about how to structure your business to be able to most the most of it when you decide to sell.  Main Questions Asked:  When you bought the company were you thinking about an exit. Did the multiplier ever change? Did you sell to Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 35—Interview With Aaron Walker

Summary: Aaron and Jim walk you through Aaron’s experiences of opening his first pawn shop at the age of 18 and selling out to a fortune 500 company a few years later at 27.  They talk about avoiding mistakes, taking your time and making good decisions.  Aaron’s charm and serenity come through and you know why he has bought and sold several companies successfully.   Main Questions Asked: How did you Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 34—Interview With Jim Butler

Summary: Listen to the story of a man who watched a company start great but then with a series of bad decisions, run aground. Jim took those lessons and launched several successful businesses from that learning experience.  He is a font of information of how to keep things in check to make good decisions when you have your own company and are thinking of buying or selling.    Main Questions Asked: Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 33—Interview With David Phelps

Summary: David and Jim take you through David’s M&A journey with all its bumps and lumps and learning experiences.  If you have ever wanted to hear what to do right and what not to do, listen to David’s story.  He has done it all. Main Questions Asked: Did you plan your exit at the time you started your dental practice or were you thinking you were in it for the long haul? What made you decide to Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 32—Interview With Jean Kuhn

Jean and Jim talk about the first franchise Jean bought and how that one small decision has sparked her passion for franchises and helping others make theirs a success.  Main Questions Asked:  How long from the time you walked into the store, did it take you to close on the deal? Am I hearing that you did not have a lawyer by your side through this? What were you thinking? When you went into the Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 31—Interview With Ace Chapman

Jim and Ace go through Ace’s life as a business/buyer & seller starting in his college days. Ace gives a great tutorial on what to look for when buying a business and how to bring that business to its full potential using an example of one of the businesses he bought. Main Questions Asked: ➢ When you went to college did you major in business? ➢ Let’s dig into the spa deal you did? What led you to buy a Read More